I'm a one person office - do I need a receptionist?

It's so easy to go into business today, all you need to make connections to your customers is a cellphone, right? Well.... consider this: your cellphone connects directly to YOU. That is, you have no screen between you and your customers. Maybe that is okay with you, but have you considered the impression you are making on your customer? Your direct cellphone link says "I'm small". A telephone receptionist will immediately give the customer a completely different impression: "I am important, I have a receptionist". Here's another thing to consider: call quality. I have spoken to many, many folks on their cellphone, and I just can't hear them, or worse, their phone (cell phone) is a cheap one and has terrible audio quality. It is unsettling to have to ask them to call you back from a landline. But ut the shoe on the other foot; what if YOU are the one on the cellphone and your customer cannot understand or hear you? Let's face it: the gold standard of telephony is a desk phone, a landline.

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