Do I really need an office?

My story: in 1996, I started working out of my house in a one-person business. There were times when I did not feel like working, and so I did not... I would go do something that I really wanted to do, like mow the lawn (?) Right. You gotta be kidding - Nope, not kidding. Sometimes my wife would ask me to do something, sure honey, and then three hours late, I would be finished cleaning the swimming pool, raking leaves and finally done painting the guest bedroom. This was not working. So, I began the search for an office for a single person. Business address? Check. Secure locking office? Check. Janitorial? Check. Telephone? Check. Receptionist? Check. Conference room? Check. Copy machine? Check. Coffee? Check. Affordable? Well, more than I was paying at home, but then I wasn't getting anything done there. I needed "reasonable" costs, manageable costs, affordable costs - yes, Check. I found an office that had all the facilities I wanted, paid for by the landlord, and cheap in comparison to buying or supplying all this stuff myself. I am still here! I liked the concept so much that I bought the building: Citizens Business Center!

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